A colonial hotel with splendid views to the baroque and eclectic monuments of Havana

Facilities of Hotel Santa Isabel

There are two bars in the Hotel Santa Isabel the "Santovenia" and "Jaruco" .There is one cafeteria "El Globo" and “ El Condado” restaurant divided in two living rooms: the Pink Hall (a reserved restaurant) with capacity for 24 people and the Blue Hall  with room for 26 persons. The elegant restaurant and the welcoming patio of the hotel are exclusive true pieces.

Hotel Santa Isabel, Blue Hall RestaurantHotel Santa Isabel, Bar Santovenia

According to Julia Woodruff description, columnist of the time, the patio was "full with small tables, and in the center there was a beautiful stone piece with ferns and flowers sprouted, as well as jets of water that fell inside a pond with brilliant colourful fish”.

Hotel Santa Isabel, Courtyard FountainHotel Santa Isabel, Lunch next to the Fountain

In absence of that spout, it was opted for a solution that reinforces the historical sense with which the palace was restored: in the center of the patio, there is a fountain that also remembers the one that existed long ago in the Santovenia fifth house, property of the family and erected in the Calzada del Cerro  in 1841.

Hotel Santa Isabel, Fountain at Night

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