A colonial hotel with splendid views to the baroque and eclectic monuments of Havana

Architecture and Building of the Hotel Santa Isabel

The Hotel Santa Isabel is a three-story construction with an old constructive design that evokes the origins of the colonial Havana houses, it occupies an entire block converging with Obispo and Narciso Lopez Streets, with six arches of colourful stained glass windows, a classic colonnade and fourteen showy crenels.

The place in which the Hotel Santa Isabel is located dates from the 18th century. The original designer and builders have not been possible to be determined accurately.

Mr. M. Benes Arrarte was the architect in charge of the restoration carried out in 1943, when it was declared a monument, respecting its primitive construction and adapting its interior to the office service.

In March 1986, the building underwent a small restoration, the architect Juan Luis Manzano Monis was in charge of  the last restoration. In July 1995, it was carried out another restoration which gave its old splendour, it was in charge of the architect Jose M. Leon from the Office of the Historian of Havana city.

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